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This is a shorter and simpler version of our crystal curation consult. Emily will work with you to get an idea of your current home flow, blockages, and intentions and develop a mini crystal map based on principles of Feng Shui and knowledge of energetics to allow you to manifest the energy you desire in your space.


✦ prior to the consult you'll fill out a crystal curation form with home info, overall intentions & birth info of all who live in the home for astrological consideration during the process
✦ one hour video call or home visit with Emily to discuss the areas you'd like to grid, the details from the form you filled out, the basic ideas around home energetics & energetic hygiene
✦ you'll receive a mini crystal map with what crystals are recommended & can be placed in which locations for optimal energetics
✦ you'll also receive crystal description cards for the recommended crystals in pdf form, cards are sent physically if you add a custom crystal kit
~ option to add the home crystal gridding kit or a custom crystal kit based off of our crystal recommendations for an additional cost


In order to book a mini crystal curation consult, you'll purchase the consult on this page first and someone from our team will reach out to you to schedule your appointment. Once the consult is booked, you'll receive further information and forms to fill out to prepare for your video call ⟡


  • one hour video call or home session in the Denver area with Emily.

  • services that are not rendered are refundable. 

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