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all website materials, including but not limited to text, images, blog posts, and downloadable content, are the property of Indigo James LLC.



businesses and commercial usage: 

it is not okay to quote, link, or utilize the property of this site without consent.   please email for approval of use.

unapproved use or profit from the property of this website is punishable by law. 



personal usage:  

use of this website’s property for personal profit and/or without proper credit is punishable by law.



if you have any questions about sharing or utilizing the content of this site,  please reach out to


new clients agree to disclose their work with Indigo James LLC; disclosure includes but is not limited to:  photo, video, and written content shared via social media, web, and other promotional materials.  both behind the scenes footage & photos of events are included in this disclosure agreement,  unless otherwise agreed upon in a secondary contract.

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